This site presents a digital critical edition of the K'iche' Mayan book of creation produced by Multepal Project at the University of Virginia. We expect to develop several versions of text, each presenting the text from a particular editorial or critical perspective.

Paragraphs and Topics Version

This version presents the TEI-encoded text prepared by the Multepal team with line breaks removed, manuscript page breaks represented as milestones, and inferred paragraph breaks added. It is intended to represent the text in so-called logical form, that is, as a discursive structure independent of its documentary vehicle. This has two advantages. First, it presents the text as it was meant to be read. Second, it allows for the natural representation of annotatiohns of the text that cross line and page boundaries. Other editions of the text will emphasize its material structure. The edition contains highlighted segments of the text that correspond to topics on the Multepal database; these are links that launch pop-up menus describing the topic, along with a link back to the Multepal database for more information.

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Facsimile of the Popol Vuj, Folio 1, recto.
Courtesy of the Newberry Library and
the Ohio State University Libraries.